Data-driven financial decision for your business

Make better business decisions by getting in-depth financial information and analysis with zlesa's platform. With little to no financial knowledge, you can easily create an elaborated financial model through our interactive platform.


Our FP&A tool can help you with.

Revenue Projection and Modeling

Project the ASP, units sales, and revenue growth for various business units, and estimate the likely outcome through intensive statistical modeling.

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Cost Analysis

Determine the company's various operating and investment costs and help them figure out the optimal strategy to manage their overall cost.

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Variance Analysis

We help a company figure out reasons for the difference in the projected statement and actual statement, thus helping our client achieve their goal.

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3S modeling

Develop a complete historical and projected financial statement, and analyze key ratios to enable clients understand their financials better.

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Pricing Strategy

Help formulate an optimal pricing strategy for a business, thus enabling the business to maximize its revenue for each segment.

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We build a complete DCF model to determine the net worth of our client's business so that our client get a fair value when raising investment.

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Why FP&A?

Proper Financial Planning & Analysis is a fundamental for a succesful orgranization. It helps in following ways.


Know your business better

In general, entrepreneurs are optimistic about their business and believe their firm to generate a substantial return over a specified period. Through our financial models and projections, we develop a complete historical and projected financial statement for an organization so that our clients can understand the entire scope of their business, including their market structure, prospect, and current condition of their business.


Data-driven decision making

Today's world is overloaded with data, and proper data analysis is extremely vital for a firm to outsmart their competitors. We at zlesa perform sophisticated statistical modeling to project various scenarios for our client business in order to help them make a decision based on proper data, rather than blunt assumption.


Pitch like a pro

Whether our client has to pitch their business to a potential investor or sell their firm to someone else, if the firm's pitch book is backed with numbers, the likelihood of getting attention and investment from the client increases significantly. We provide a complete valuation model to our clients, thus making them confident about their valuation while pitching their business.


Increased Success-rate

Financial planning is a backbone to any company, and it helps a company analyze various outcomes that it can generate through its business model. With a detailed projection, a firm can visualize the viability of its project, as well as compare its actual performance with the projected statement. This enables a firm to better view the prospect of its company and target area where they are lagging.

Our Team

Our team consists of experts in finance, accounting, business development, and technology so that we bring the best Financial Planning & Analysis platform for our clients.


Abiral Nepal


Masters in Finance graduate from Fisher College of Business. Previously founded his investment firm, other companies in F&B and retail, and worked with Venture Capital on several occasions. He has also worked for JPMorgan Chase in a consulting project.


L P Bhanu Sharma

Advisory Board

FCA, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Mr. Sharma is chairman of Prabhu Capital, Nepal's largest Merchant Banking company and Founder & Principal of Apex College, Nepal's leading business school.


Shreeya Aryal

Financial Analyst

Undergraduate degree in Finance from Albion College with Honors in Economics and Management. Worked at Pinnacle Investments; where she assisted with portfolio management, financial modeling and valuation.

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